K2 Ingeniería offers its trajectory and experience in applied consulting in the areas of:

From a conceptual engineering in constant evolution and development, the dimensioning of the processes and the detailed engineering are carried out to make the execution of the projects possible, providing reliability to the planned investments of our clients and applying the best technologies available for the unique challenge that constitutes each project.

We carry out comprehensive audits on large-scale projects, controlling the legal, administrative, technical, financial and environmental components, through integrated management systems and appropriate technological tools, which allow us to guarantee compliance with the established contractual obligations and contribute to the successful execution of the projects.

Starting in some cases from the formulation and during each of the project phases, we contribute the value given by the experience of our executive and managerial level team, in the establishment of programs, guidelines, processes and required conditions, which result in the achievement of the objectives agreed with the client.

We develop and implement management models for service providers throughout the water cycle, focused on increasing productivity and profitability in each business line, using technological control and planning tools, adjusted to the size of the company and coverage of the services offered.


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